Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello, April!

...and hello, April Fools' Day!

This morning, I was attempting to come up with a pithy and clever April Fools' shenanigan to post here. Nothing mean-spirited, just silly. 

And so, I made these:

Random artichoke earrings for the win!

Only, I think the joke is on me, because I really like them. Apparently nothing quite says whimsy like vegetable earrings!

...And that's all I've got. After yesterday's post-a-thon, I don't have the brain power to say anything introspective about March, or forward thinking about April. And that's all right, because I made artichoke earrings, and they make me happy. Yay silliness!

Have a wonderful day--and a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful month--everyone!

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