Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Well, I've Done It Again...

I've joined another Blog Hop!

This one is being hosted by the lovely and generous Toltec Jewels, and it's about dreams.

...The Color of Dreams, to be precise. 

If the name Color of Dreams sounds familiar, it's because I've recently blogged about it

Namely, I blogged about Patricia, who runs The Color of Dreams Etsy Shop--and who makes bright and cheerful polymer clay beads. (In fact, it's serendipitous that I came across this Blog Hop so soon after writing that piece on her beautiful work--it's almost like it was meant to be!)

For this blog hop, each participant is going to be sent a bead made by Patricia.

The idea is to create with the bead, and show off our dreams!

The only rule is to focus on dreams as possible things--not something amorphous and unattainable. The idea is that "if we can dream it, we can achieve it." As such, it is suggested that we try creating "from the end," as if the dream has already come true, using the jewelry design to do so.

Ooooo, I wonder which one I'm going to get!
Picture courtesy of Toltec Jewels.

I'm so excited to see which bead I get! I'm already thinking about which of my dreams I'll tackle... I suppose that might just depend on the bead! ;)

Thank you, Toltec Jewels and the Color of Dreams for making his possible!

And thank you, my wonderful readers, for stopping by for the reveal on Sunday, April 6th to see what I make!


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    1. Aren't they? I'm so, so excited to see which one I get! :D


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