Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, January… and 2014!

Happy New Year!

I want to write something that is deep and reflective, meaningful and inspirational... But, honestly, I am feeling about as introspective as a pile of rocks. And that's okay. Even piles of rocks have their place.

December Sunset

What I will say is that this last year has been amazing. 

Sure, there were bum parts of the year--having our car almost totaled, spraining my knee while on Christmas vacation, being sick with the Cold of Doom (both my husband and I, on and off), dealing with some extreme creative burnout… 

But, there have been so many beautiful things. 

I have created beautiful things. I have learned beautiful things. I have seen and witnessed and been a part of beautiful things.

And so, as I sit here like a pile of rocks--my excuse is that I'm letting my knee rest--I am happy and hopeful and excited to make this year beautiful as well.

Welcome, 2014!

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