Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

Happy First Day of Autumn!

In honor of today, my craft table has been overrun with autumn-themed pieces. (Surprise, surprise, I know. *grin*)

I've actually already finished some of these autumnal pieces--playing around with brown and brass, leather and all manner of textures.

Leather and ceramic and wood, with a hint of brass.

This whole thing is me stepping out of my comfort zone and tackling asymmetry.
Kitchen-sink type set is full of leftover bits--ceramic and jasper, wood and Swarovski,
brass and copper, pearl and tiger eye, garnet and glass, Chinese crystal and magnesite.
And probably more that I'm missing.

...And I'm not done!

There are a few Fall-ish things that I'm still working on, in honor of my favorite season.

Jasper and brass.
...I have once more run out of 24 gauge antique brass wire.
Once I get some more, I'll finish this one up.

Brass and antique gold components waiting to be made into wonderful things...
Feather pendant with matching earring charms,
Key pendant with matching earring charms,
Bird and nest charms for asymmetrical earrings,
and acorns just because!

On a personal note... This was the day that I was planning on revealing a big change in my life. But, as it turns out, it's not going to happen. 

Long story short: my husband and I have been talking very seriously about moving to Santa Monica, California--he applied for and was offered an amazing job at a video game company (an industry that he's always dreamed of working in), and we were going to accept the position and move all the way across the country. That is the main reason that my Etsy store has been on hiatus... I closed it in anticipation of another move.

But, after a huge amount of discussion and debate, we decided that--for now--staying where we are is best. 

And there is a huge amount of peace with that decision.

Since we're staying in the land of seasons, that means that I get to enjoy this Autumn more than ever before. I get to plan a grand reopening of my store, now that we know the path we're taking... And I get to watch the leaves turn gold, and feel the return of cozy sweater weather, and enjoy the smell of wood burning stoves.

May you all have a wonderful Autumn--and a wonderful Wednesday, too!

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