Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello, April!

Yay! It's April!

And about time, too... I am so, so ready for Spring!

To be fair, though, March was a good month. Exhausting, but good. It was full of writing and jewelry-ing, and adult-grown-up-responsible things. 

Looking back over the last month, I am grateful:

...for writing!
This is the cover of my current writing notebook...
I'm making good progress on Novel #1 of Landus Fantasticus.

...for the progression from snow to warmer days...

Photo taken March 4, 2014

Photo taken March 31, 2014

...for new jewelry endeavors...

I am totally in love with this necklace and earring set.

Amphorae! Because, archaeology is cool.

...for continuing to learn computer programming, thanks to my husband...

Functional programming in Scala.

...for cat-sitting while my best friend was out of town...

Meet Guinan.

...The most aggressively cuddly cat I have ever, ever met.

She liked purring and sitting on my feet, so I would have to pet her.
...We bonded.

...for going to the Zoo with my sister-in-law and her awesome kiddos...

Two of my nieces, enjoying the reptile house.

...and the simple pleasures of a yummy meal (that I didn't have to make)!

Mmmm... Chipotle...

Yes, yes, a good month. 

...And now to throw open the windows, and welcome the warmer weather. Hurray!

Happy April, everyone!

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