Saturday, January 2, 2010

Proof that I did go to Beadazzled...

Remember when I posted about going to Beadazzled over the holidays?  I just remembered that my mother documented the trip with a photo.  So, behold--it really did happen!  

Me, Surrounded by Amazing Wonderful Beads (tm)

There really were beads everywhere.  *wistful sigh*  I will go back, I'm sure...  until then, I will content myself with enjoying the beads that I purchased there.  (Which, I did more of today, I might add.  Overall, I was extremely productive, and I am excited to take pictures and post some things here.)

Also, for fun, here are pictures of the dragon that my mother bought for me on that same shopping trip (not from Beadazzled).  Woo for early birthday presents! 

My Dragon, Looking Studious

My Dragon, Riding on the Way Back Home

It really was a beautiful time...  A chance to just remember that the world is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful (and shiny!) things.

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