Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday's Worktable

Happy Wednesday!

In the midst of packing for vacation and general life craziness, I've been attempting to finish up some beading projects. I'm coming to the realization that I'm not going to be able to do my normal amount of reveals this month... Between vacation next week, and then coming home only to immediately head out of town for a friend's wedding, I just am not going to have time. 

And that's okay. 

So! I'm doing what I can, and not stressing about what I can't finish. For the purposes of this blog post, however, I do get to show off something that I have finished... Something that started off like this:


Bright, in-your-face, unapologetic pink. I bought those beads on clearance sometime last month... They just seemed bright and happy. 

Oh, and confession time: I'm slowly coming to realize that I have a lot of pink-and-black-and-white clothes. Who knew? Every time I go to wear them, I realize that I don't have anything to match them... So! I wanted to make something to fill that accessory gap.

And that is what lead to this:

...and also this:

...which ultimately turned into this:

That's right! I now have two different pink options to wear with those clothes... One that is bright (pink and clear) and one that is edgy (the pink and black). And, of course, they both have tassels!

They are both made with 22 gauge wire (gunmetal for the black necklace, bright silver for the clear one), and a combination of crystal, glass, and antique silver beads. Oh, and if you look closely, you can see that the earrings are sporting some of the headpins I made last week. :)

Hmmm... You know, maybe I'll actually pack these sets to take with me on vacation. Because even though I'm going to be in the middle of a forest in a cabin, I might want to look fashionable. Hah! (Really, I'm just thinking about showing off my handiwork, heh.)

Thank you so much for stopping by today... I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to post next (I'm going to be gone next week in the Land of No Internet), but know that I appreciate all of my readers!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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