Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello, December!

Wow, December has totally sneaked up on me.

As in, the other day I was thinking "I need to write my beginning-of-the-month blog post because it'll be December soon"... and now it's December 5th. Oi.

Time flies when you're busy moving everything you own to a new location! 

Still Life with Flowers and Diplodocus
The flowers were a housewarming present from my parents.
The diplodocus? Well, sometimes it's fun to decorate one's new kitchen with dinosaurs. :) 

Still, I am happy to report that things are going quite well... My husband and I have come to the realization that there is more to do than we have time or energy for, so we've gone ahead and hired professionals to help pack and move the rest of our things. Next Tuesday, all of our belongings get to come join us at the new house!

...So exciting!

I am excited about my new craft room. I am excited about having my own house to decorate for Christmas (heh, need to get on that). I am excited that we now have space so that we have people over and not feel cramped. 

But, more than that, I am excited about this next chapter in our lives. There's a lot more to be done--but it's exciting to see things coming together, and our hard work paying off.

Here is to an exciting--and exhausting--December! 

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