Thursday, December 12, 2013

Custom Order - Slytherin Hairsticks

Just a quick entry to show off another custom order that I've been working on!

Slytherin Hairsticks

This particular set was a great deal of fun--not just because the customer is wonderful and fun to work with (and, no, I'm not just saying that), but also because I've already been working on hairsticks for each of the Hogwarts houses.*

I was so excited when I found that snake for the dangle! :)

Christmas is approaching, and I'm on the final stretch of customs. Woo!


* - Incidentally, those Hogwarts hairsticks are all done, and will probably be listed after the Christmas break. 

In case you're curious.

And, no, the non-custom order Slytherin stick doesn't have a snake--that's specifically for this order. I could only find one. But, it's still going to be cool! :)

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