Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Grand Announcement of Ruckus Proportions!

There is information about a giveaway at the end of this post.  Keep reading for more info!!


Before I left on vacation, I found out something pretty spectacular... Namely, that I have been chosen to be a contributing member of Bead Ruckus.


*does a happy happy dance*

I even have a bio page and everything!

Soooo... What is Bead Ruckus? 

For the official background, go here, but here's a summary...

There is a group of five designers.  Every other month, they pick a jewelry component for the Bead Ruckus kit--be it beads, chain, charms, or something else.  All of the components are then put together to make a kit, and each designer has to make an item that uses each component in the kit.  

Simple, right?

Except that no one knows what the others have picked--making it completely random.

And, in my opinion, completely fun!

The challenge comes in using all the different components--components that you might not otherwise put together.  It's a wonderful way to push yourself as a designer, to think outside the box...

And, did I mention have fun?  :D

I am beyond thrilled that they chose me to be a contributing member, and I am so, so, so excited (nervous, too, but mostly excited) for when the kit is announced on July 1st!!


And, as promised...

There is a Giveaway!

On the Bead Ruckus website, that is.  It is running until June 29th--this Saturday--so be sure to hop over soon to check it out.

What are they giving away?  

Well, here's another question...  want to try your hand at taking a Bead Ruckus kit and making something gorgeous?  

You guessed it--enter for a chance to win the kit!!

Go here for more info!  :D

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