Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sneak Preview!

While I was out of town for the holidays, I visited a most wonderful bead shop called Beadazzled.  I have memories of this store from when I was younger--when I was already in love with beads, and just learning the tools of the trade.  I was gratified to find that it was still as wonderful as I remembered it--a spectacular array of colors and textures, shinies everywhere I looked.  There were strands of beads on the wall--elegant gemstones and brilliant crystal and organic African trade beads.  There were trays of individual beads arranged by color, cases of exotic silver, displays of jewelry designed by local artists.

I could have easily spent thousands of dollars in there (ahhh, maybe one day when I win the lottery).  Still, I was well-behaved, and walked away with many new ideas and one paper bag of purchases.

So, what's in the bag?

Behold!  My pile of goodies!

So, tonight, I made the first thing using the beads that I purchased at Beadazzled.  Using czech glass, Serpentine, and a ceramic bead, I created:

The Petroglyph Necklace

I bought enough supplies to make two of these beauties--one for me, and one to sell.  I'm also hatching a plan for matching hairsticks and earrings.  I'm also still plotting out a story for this, so it will probably be a week before it gets posted on my store.  Still!  Keep a lookout for it...  and more to come!  Ah, the wonders of Christmas bead shopping.  *dances*

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