Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday's Worktable

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On my worktable this week: playing!

Seriously. With all my recent organizing and sorting and making challenge pieces, I've been needing a chance to experiment and dabble and allow myself to make mistakes. 

So! I decided that now was the time to finally get my hands on some of these:

Vintaj Patinas! Yay!

Now, I've been wanting to play around with these for a long time--I just never really had the chance to before now. With all that I've been experimenting with this week, I think I'm trying to make up for lost time! 

I've been having fun mixing them:

I've been having fun layering them:

And I've been having fun blending them:

Oh, and using my new Vintaj buffing block, too. Hah.

Are these pieces perfect? Nah. But am I having fun learning and figuring things out? Definitely yes! ...And now I want all the colors. Gah, there are just so many cool things in the world to play around with! :)

So, there you go... That's what I've been working on this week. I hope that your week is treating you well--and that you, too, get a chance to play!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Aren't they great!? I love them too. My techniques aren't all that great, but it's so fun to play. I really love the blending you did on the starfish. So lovely!


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