Friday, November 3, 2017

Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge - November Edition

For me, November is all about writing.

And if there is one thing that's true about me, it's that I love connecting my jewelry to my writing. Heh, my entire Etsy store is even devoted to that. (If you aren't familiar with my store, I essentially write stories to go along with every piece that I create--and they are all connected to the setting of the novel that I'm writing. World-building for the win!) 

Recent addition to my store... I had a lot of fun writing the story for this one.

I also love taking characters and "translating" them into jewelry. 

Are they big and bold, or much more reserved and elegant? Are they orderly and symmetrical, or all over the place? What colors match them--are they passionate and bright like red and orange, or are they mysterious and deep like blue or violet? 

I find it fascinating to tell their stories, not just through words, but through physical forms like jewelry. 

Perhaps one of my favorite examples of this...
This is a necklace I made for someone, based off of a DC Comic character
of all people (Jason Todd, for those interested). Going through all my
design choices would take an entire entry in and of itself.

I also really like creating a specific set of rules--almost like a jewelry language--when I work on jewelry for characters from the same story. 

For example: when I was making the pieces to go along with the launch of LS Baird's novel Evensong's Heir, I had certain beadcaps that I would only use for a specific type of character. 

In fact, if anyone was paying close attention to what I made, they would have found a huge spoiler as a result. Hah! (To this day, I don't think anyone caught it. *grin* I'll give you a hint... the beadcaps can be seen in the pieces below.)

So, anyway. I'm sure you're wondering, what does this have to do with this month's challenge? 

Well, I want to make jewelry to go along with what I'm writing for National Novel Writing Month. 

This is not the first time I've done something like this...
This necklace is connected to another of my stories,
and the corresponding blog entry can be seen here.

So... Will my challenge piece reflect the setting of the novel, the Land of Fairy Tales? Will it reflect the main character herself (who, thus far, has been rather elusive as far as jewelry translation goes)? I honestly have no idea... So, come by on Friday, November 24th to see what I end up making!

Thanks so much for stopping by today to see what I'm up to... Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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