Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday's Worktable

I get to show off pretty things today! Yay!

As you may recall, last week I was in a bit of a jewelry-creating lull. So, to shake off my creativity block, I asked my best friend to give me a color. Then, I challenged myself to make something in that color.

Just what was the color, you ask?


Those earrings were the first thing that I created to go with this challenge. I honestly thought that they were all that I was going to make.

However, I apparently own a lot of orange beads. Heh. Before I knew it, I also had two necklaces on my worktable--and I just finished the second one last night.

So, without further ado... Here are the necklaces that I made for this orange mini-challenge! :)

Necklace #1

For this first necklace, I used copper and quartzite, and a pendant that my husband bought me a few Christmases ago. As soon as I saw it in my stash, I knew that I had to use it... and it was not long before this necklace came together:

My original plan was to list this necklace on my store, but now that I've made it I know that it needs to go to my best friend instead. (Yes, the very one who gave me the challenge in the first place.) The combination of copper and orange is right up their alley. :)

Necklace #2

While rummaging through my stash, I also found this giant hank of orange seed beads (also from my husband). I saw it, and immediately wanted to make a tassel. 

...Because I'm addicted to making tassels, and apparently that's not going to change any time soon. Ha!

I then gathered up the rest of my orange beads--glass and crystal, mostly--and things went from there.

The final result is a wonderfully flow-y, drape-y, fun, unapologetically orange tassel necklace.

As a side-note, this necklace took forever to make. I'm not entirely sure why, but this particular 22 gauge gold-plated brass wire that I used was super stiff. Working it made my hands hurt, so I could only do small sections at a time. (Granted, I have used the same stuff before without issues. Maybe my hands are just telling me that they need a break!)

In any case, I'm super excited that this necklace is done!

So, ta-da! That's my follow-up from last week's Worktable post. And, you know, I never used to like orange all that much... but as I'm getting older, I'm finding that I like it more and more. It's just so darn bright and happy. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today to see what I'm working on! Now it's time for me to go work on my project for National Novel Writing Month! I'm at 27,800 words... woo-hoo!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Orange tends to be a tricky color for me (but definitely easier than yellow!). You really showed the beauty in this hue. I love those dainty earrings with which you started, but the two necklaces are also very inspired. Great job with a tough color!

  2. I love orange and you did a great job with yours. Lucky friend to get that first beautiful necklace, and I always love your tassels! I'm glad you won't get over them any time soon. :)


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