Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge - (Late!) August Reveal

My goodness, this is a late reveal. Oi. My sincerest apologies to everyone... Apparently the last few months have been a bit of a time vortex. Oh well. Little by little, I'm trying to catch up!

Back in August, my Monthly Challenge was to make some geeky jewelry. After all, I have quite a few interests that can be considered geeky or nerdy... I love fantasy and science fiction and writing and archaeology and video games and creating my own languages for fun. The world is so full on wonderful and amazing things!

Now, I made one necklace for this challenge... and what a necklace it turned out to be!

Here's a hint: 

Yep, it's a tassel necklace. A nerdy tassel necklace.

You see, I turned this:

...into this:

Yep, that's BB-8 from Star Wars!*

As you can see, I started work on this while on vacation (yes, actually back in August)...

...Although by "work," I mostly just spent my time looking at the pretty scenery. (My mum would like you to know--the two pictures above were staged! *grin*) 

Eventually, after returning home, the entire necklace was assembled, using a combination of glass, magnesite, vintage acrylic, shell, and quartzite:

Honestly, I'm really excited with how this necklace turned out. It combines my love for sweeping tassels and Star Wars, and it was super fun trying to make a cascade of different oranges.

Now I just need to find an outfit to wear it with! (Although that probably won't be too hard... I have a surprising amount of rust orange in my wardrobe.)

So, there you go! A few months late, but now you finally can see what I made back in August for my Monthly Challenge! Hurray for getting caught up on blog entries!

...And now, to get ready for November! :)


* Disclaimer: I think it's important to state that absolutely no copyright infringement is intended in this challenge. I am making no money from it--this necklace is not for re-sale and is solely for my enjoyment. 
The BB-8 charm is from licensed merchandise which I paid full price for, and is not a knock-off. Like fan art, this is solely meant for non-monetary enjoyment, and sharing something geeky that I love. :)

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