Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Art Bead Scene - October Reveal(ish)

I have mentioned before that I follow the Art Bead Scene Studio blog. Every month, they have a wonderful challenge where they post a work of art, and designers make jewelry (or beads) inspired by it. As one would suspect from the title, the only requirement is that it include an art bead. I was able to participate back in July, and have been looking for the opportunity to do so again.

So! This month, I carved out a little time to do just that. This month's inspiration is a painting of the famous Madame De Pompadour, by 
Francois Boucher:

And I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

...Except it didn't work out. At all.


I attempted two other designs, and they also didn't work out. 

Eventually, I did successfully make something... only to realize that it probably doesn't fit the one requirement of this challenge. You see, while it includes paper beads that I made, they probably aren't considered art beads.

Ah well. 

Regardless, I decided I would go ahead and share what I made... If for no other reason than to point you in the direction of the creative and talented people who did successfully fulfill the requirement of the challenge.

And because what I did make took a lot of work:

So much wire-wrapping. So much paper-bead rolling. So much work finding the exact right order of beads to make it lay right.

...And you wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find that ribbon in the right color! :)

All grousing aside, though, I am actually very happy with how this turned out. 

I like the way that the many layers of the necklace reflect the many poofy layers of Madame De Pompadour's dress, and the way that the ribbon softens the finished look to match the soft lines and contours seen in the painting. I like the way that the different shades of magnesite resemble the different hues caused by the shadows, and that the pearls have the same sheen as the orange ribbon around her neck. I like how fancy and frilly it is--like Rococo painting in general, really.

...And I'm also pleased that it's finished. Hah! It's been quite some time since a challenge gave me quite so many problems, and it's nice to feel at least a little bit victorious. :)

So, there you go! Thank you so much for stopping by today to see what I made for this challenge... Hopefully my plan for next month's Art Bead Scene Challenge goes a bit smoother! Heh. I suppose only time will tell. :)

Have a wonderful Halloween, everyone, and a wonderful last day of October!

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