Friday, August 11, 2017

Giveaway Winners!

Here it is... Time to announce the winners of my Giveaway!!

As a refresher, I offered a Giveaway at the end of my Monthly Challenge last month... the prizes were two pendant-and-paper bead sets that I made, based on the works of Vincent van Gogh.

To pick the winners, I went over to and plugged in the names of those who commented. And so, without further ado, here are the results!

So! Based on stated preferences in the comments themselves, that means...

Winner for Set #1: Cynthia

Set 1: Flowering Almond Branch Pendant and Paper Bead Set

Winner for Set #2: Becca Jackson

Set 2: Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Five Figures
Pendant and Paper Bead Set

Emails will be sent to both winners, so that I can get their mailing addresses... Thanks to everyone who entered! And for those who didn't win, never fear... I hope to do more little giveaways in the future!

Thanks so much for stopping by today... Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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  1. I am super excited to receive my prize in the mail!! Thank you so much!


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