Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday's Worktable

I have several older boxes of beads that I don't really use. They're a bit harder to get to (I'm reorganizing, so I'm working on that), and the beads they contain don't usually match my current projects (my style shifts and changes, and so do my bead requirements).

Recently, though, I've been challenging myself to go through them... It's sad for beads to go languishing, after all. Most of the time, my rummaging is mostly reminiscing ("oh, I remember when I bought that!")... but every once and awhile I'll suddenly have an idea. 

And this week, I had an idea.

...A brightly colored glass, unapologetic, in-your-face idea.

Some background: I've had that glass focal in my collection for years... I bought two of them back in either 2009 or 2010, and I only used one. The second one has been sitting patiently in my bead box, apparently waiting for this:

You guessed it: a tassel! *cue the manic laughter*

I have so many other projects on my bead table for challenges and reveals and custom orders, I'm not sure when I'll finish this... but it's always fun to run across older components and incorporate them into newer designs. The past meeting the present--remembering and reminiscing and moving forward, all at the same time.

And what can I say... it looks like I have a lot of wire-wrapping in my future. Hah!

Thanks for stopping by today... Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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