Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday's Worktable

Last Wednesday, I shared this picture of some bright and colorful beads:

And, guess what... They are still on my worktable this week! Heh.

You see, I wasn't able to find a focal to match them... One that I liked, at least. So, not to be deterred, I used my newly found polymer clay confidence and made one!

More specifically, I made another foray into making a Damascus Ladder cane. This time, I used bright and bold colors (to match the beads, imagine!). I made a few large focals with it--and also some accent beads, for fun.

Now, I haven't actually finished the original necklace I had planned--the one with the golden tassel. At least, I haven't made it to my liking... the current iteration is not my favorite, and I'm going to try my hand at redoing it.

But! I did have leftover cane, and with it, I made this set:


As you can see, I made a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a hairstick. The matching beads are glass and magnesite, with touches of gold and brass.

Now, I haven't made hairsticks for a very long time. They used to be my thing--they're what inspired me to open my Etsy store, after all--but I've drifted away from them a bit. 

Still, I've been making some custom hairstick orders... And, while I was at it, I decided to make this one, too.

...And I didn't stop there. Inspired by my hairstick success, I actually made two more. One of them matches the pieces that I made for February's Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge:

...And the other one uses some of my paper beads:

So, there you go! Those are some of the (many) projects on my table this week!

Next week, I'm going to be visiting my parents in Maryland, so my worktable post will be brought to you from on the road... I'm working on packing up some projects to take with me. We'll see what I end up working on. :)

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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