Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello, February!

...and hello, the first Wednesday Worktable of the month!

True to form--at least, here in Cincinnati--this month is starting off grey and cloudy and cold. (You know, like it's winter or something. Heh.) And, if I'm honest, my mood is also threatening to be grey and cloudy and cold (i.e. grouchy) as I continue to fight being sick. Honestly, it could be so much worse--but sinus headaches really do take their toll on my mood.

So! On my beadtable, I am rebelling against all things grey and grouchy... and I'm doing so with color:

I've been wanting to make some more paper beads for awhile, and this insanely bright paper offered just the right February remedy. I honestly don't have any plans for these beads just yet... they're just bright and cheery and they make me smile.

I hope everyone is doing well this first day of February, and finding happiness even if things seem grey where you are. And hey... grey days are good for tea and cookies.

Happy February, everyone! Take care!

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