Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hello, 2017!

These past few days, I have been quite introspective about last year... the things that I achieved, the things I learned. (Made it through year 2 of house ownership--woohoo!)

But, as I sat down to write about those things, I realized that my thoughts have now turned to what's to come.
My brain is brimming with new ideas and the air seems to vibrate with new possibilities.

...I'm getting swept up in the thrill of beginnings, the hope of beautiful things to come.

Iolite with a hand-stamped pendant.

So, with my eyes looking forward, I wanted to say t
hank you all for reading my blog and keeping me company on my creative journey. I appreciate each and every one of you. I wish you bright days ahead, full of comfort and adventure and light.

Here's to a wonderful--and creative, and beautiful--new year!

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