Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello, December!

Well, here it is: December. 

And guess what... My Christmas Tree is already up! Hurray!

(Granted, I put it up on the last day of November, as a reward for finishing NaNo. Nothing quite inspires me to write like putting up a glittery shiny holiday decoration in my living room, apparently.)

This year, it's complete with a glittery narwhal!

It's also the time of year where I try to remember to slow down a little, and enjoy the glow of the season.

...That is, until I realize that I haven't even started making Christmas presents. And that I need to figure out just what I'm doing with my Etsy store for the holidays.


So, it's a month where I try to figure out how to get everything done, as well as pause and enjoy the Christmas lights. Ah, yes... Happy December, everyone! Wishing you all pretty trees and glowing moments, even in the midst of Christmas-preparation chaos!

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  1. So pretty, I am going to put up a tiny faux tree at work soon


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