Monday, August 22, 2016

Back from Vacation!

...Well, mostly.

I may be physically back at home, but I definitely think part of me is still back in the forests of western Maryland:

This was my beading table last week.
...Yeah, I'm a lucky girl!

As such, I'm still getting back into the swing of things. I have a reveal from last week that I need to post at some point (the one for We're All Ears), as well as needing to make something for my monthly challenge. 

And you know, other adult things--like unpacking and doing yard work and paying bills. Woo. 

Home away from home.
This year marked the 30th year that my family has gone to this state park for vacation.
Can you believe it?!

Ah well. Here I go, plunging back into real life... doing my fourth load of catch-up laundry, and starting to gain momentum again here on my blog.

Have a lovely day, everyone--Monday (and not being on vacation) notwithstanding!

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