Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable

I have one word to describe my worktable table today: 


Materials from top left to bottom right:
magnesite, dyed yellow turquoise, chrysoprase, and wood.

So much green.

You see, I started working on my Mayan-inspired Monthly Challenge, only to realize that I didn't actually have many green beads. Huh. And, since that made it rather difficult to make really anything in the desired shades of jade, I went to a few of my favorite bead-buying websites and placed an order or two.

And those orders arrived today.


Trust me, there's even more than this.

So, now I'm organizing my new green beads (yay!), working on my Monthly Challenge pieces (yay!), and realizing that there are ten challenges that I am hoping to do this month and I have only really finished two of them.


Writing out the reveal dates. Heh. I got this!
(And please pardon the handwriting--not always the neatest when I'm scribbling.)

...Ten challenges. 

I suppose that means I'd better stop blogging and go start beading. Woohoo... It's time to go wade through my sea of green and make some beautiful things!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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