Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable being postponed until tomorrow!

I know that I keep doing that, but my Wednesdays seem to have become extremely busy recently. Today, for instance, has been devoted to dealing with plumbing issues (blah), and cooking a giant batch of General Tso's chicken (or trying to, at least--have never made it before).

Finished chickens, complete with sesame seeds that I toasted myself.

Cooking is not my strongest suit, by any stretch of the imagination... I've really been pushing myself to do more of it, and it's been a struggle. But! I've been doing better with it, and have been making tasty things! Woo!

And now I'm off to attempt to make some Chinese fried donuts... Heh. I realize that none of this is authentic cuisine, but hopefully it's yummy enough for my purposes. 

So, off I go until tomorrow... Have a lovely day, everyone!

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