Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - May Edition

So, I apparently fell into a black hole last week and completely spaced on everything I needed to do. Oops. But, thankfully, this week I'm catching up... And that means finally posting about May's Monthly Challenge! 


Now, I actually got some help choosing this month's challenge... Or, to be more specific, I had one of my very best friends pick it out for me, because I was having some major creative block about what to do.

So, what did she pick? Well, we were out bead shopping together...

The bead wall at Michaels... one of my favorite places. :)

And when I expressed my complete lack of ideas for this particular challenge, she handed these to me:

Oooo, how spicy!

Yep... chili charms!

So, my challenge for this month is pretty straight forward: make something with those hot peppers.

I have a few ideas brewing (stewing? heating up? trying to think of an appropriate hot-and-spicy verb to use), and have already gathered some matching beads together... We'll see how many of them I actually end up using!

Two shapes of bamboo coral and some Czech glass... how delicious!

So, there you go! Come back on Friday, May 27th to see what I make with this spicy mix!

And in the meantime, have a wonderful day, everyone!

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