Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Swap N' Hop: What My Partner Sent Me

I have something pretty to share with you today: the beads that my Swap N' Hop partner sent me! Yay!

Now, I should tell you that I actually received these awhile ago... My partner and I traded beads almost as soon as partners were announced. However, I'm only now getting a chance to blog about it... Hopefully you haven't been dying of anticipation! ;)

So! Without further ado, here is what my partner, Michelle McCarthy, sent me:

This is a whole pile of yay! :)

Handmade ceramics! Flourite! Czech glass! A cute copper bird clasp! ...All in shades that I love!

I'm pretty over-the-moon with what I received, not going to lie. The fact that Michelle made the ceramics just for me--in purple, no less, because it's my favorite color--makes me incredibly happy. 

I cannot wait to start creating!

So, there you go! 

Those are the beads that I have to work with for this Swap N' Hop... And I'm super excited! The final reveal will be on May 15... be sure to stop by then to see what I end up making.


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  1. That palette is glorious! I bet you are going to make something(s) really amazing with these beautiful bits. I can't wait!!


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