Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Bargain Bead Box Goodies - November's and December's Boxes

I was doing some blog maintenance this morning, and realized that I'm super behind (i.e. two months) on showing off what I've made with my Bargain Bead boxes. Oh, the horror! ;)

As a result, I decided that I needed to do a blog entry to remedy that! Posthaste! ...Especially since I've been working on January's box, and am super excited to share what I've made with that. Heh.

Anyway, to jog your memory... This was November's Box:

And, with that selection of shinies, I made these two sets:

Falling Stars and Golden Holly Boughs 

The above two pictures really don't do these sets justice. I'm especially fond of the way that the Falling Stars set looks... The way that the hairstick turned out makes me very happy. And, considering that I made these sets while doing my Super Crazy November Challenges(TM)--making earrings everyday and doing NaNoWriMo--I am happier still!

So, that's what I did in November.

Now, to show off what I did in December! You know, in addition to making all of the presents. (Heh, I need to write a blog entry about those, too. The last two people have gotten their presents, so now I'm free to show them off. So many entries, so little time! *smirk*)

As a reminder, this was December's Box:

And here is what I made with it:

Silver Snowflakes Set

Those round beads make me think of snow globes.

I originally had only made the earrings, thinking that I wouldn't get time to do anything else. Then, on my birthday at the very end of the month, I was able to finish the Snowflake Set. After spending so much time making presents--beading with an agenda--I greatly enjoyed just playing around and letting the beads inspire me.

So, there you go! That's what I've made with the past two month's worth of Bargain Bead Boxes. The pieces that I didn't use have now been incorporated into the rest of my stash, and will be sure to show up in my later projects.

And, since you've made it this far, here's a quick sneak peak at what I received in January's Box...

I am in love with that pocket watch focal.
It even opens and is even fully functional! *swoon*

Thank you for letting me show off some of the things that I've been working on... I love working with beads, and I truly appreciate having an outlet to share my pretty things. Hurray!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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