Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today's Earrings: Peaches and Cream

Day 3 of my November Monthly Challenge, and another pair of earrings made.

I present: Peaches and Cream!

These earrings are made with vintage cream-and-peach swirled beads (possibly lucite, but not sure), which have been paired with naturally creamy freshwater pearls (i.e. not dyed or bleached) and goldtone findings.

...And now I want to make a necklace that matches.

That has been my biggest challenge so far with this earring-making task... I keep wanting to make matching necklaces. And bracelets. And hairsicks. And, well, everything!

Ah well. That's really not a bad problem to have. :)

And now to stop procrastinating, and start working on my NaNo word goal for the day. Wheee!

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