Friday, November 27, 2015

Today's Earrings: Green and Gold and Leaves

These last few days, I've been struggling for ideas on what to make for my daily earrings. Today was no exception... I sat down at my craft table and just stared. Completely stumped, I had no idea what to make. None at all.

So, I used a lifeline and phoned a friend: I ended up texting one of my best friends to ask for an assignment. Her response: "Green and gold. Possibly with leaves?"

After doing the fun game of "where the heck are my green bead boxes?," followed by "do I even have any gold leaves?," I was able to come up with these:

The pair on the right is actually quite similar to the pair I posted last Saturday...
just a different colorway and materials.

...Not too bad--especially for not having any idea what to make. ;)

I have to admit that I'm rather happy that the end of November is just around the corner... I am earring-ed out! It certainly take a lot of energy to make something new everyday, and then share them here! (And on Instagram. And Facebook. Social media is exhausting.)

Have a wonderful day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Time for me to go work on NaNo! :)

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