Monday, November 30, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - November Edition Review

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this has been quite the busy month.

But it has been worth it!

In addition to finishing NaNo, I definitely count my November Monthly Challenge--making a pair of earrings everyday--as a success. Hard-won, perhaps, but a success nonetheless. 

I know that I've been posting the earring pairs throughout the month, but I thought it would be fun to show them all in one place, too. And so, here are all of the earrings that I made this month (in chronological order!):

This Monthly Challenge this month truly has been a challenge--perhaps the hardest Monthly Challenge I've done to date--and for a myriad of different reasons. 

  1. It's been a challenge to think outside the box, and just make earrings and not sets. (This is a challenge I anticipated.)
  2. It's been a challenge to post a blog entry every day, just because of the time commitment needed. (When I chose this challenge, I didn't think that I was actually going to blog everyday about the earrings that I made. Heh. Next time, I'll know better!)
  3. And it's been a challenge to keep the ideas fresh and new. (I found myself going back to the same types of designs, and had to consciously push myself outside of my comfort zone. I spent quite some time just looking at different designs online--and once I even had to ask my best friend for an assignment, because I was completely dry.) 

...Although, I will say that it's been pretty fun watching my style emerge as I made things--it's always been there, but it's become clearer to me through this exercise. 

Also, I've hinted along the way that I made some earrings that I did not feature in my daily posts--for whatever reason. For fun, I thought I'd share some here:

Feathers! Wire-work! ...Other random things! :)

So, there you go! My November Monthly Challenge, in review.

I can definitely tell you right now that December's Challenge is not going to be nearly as intensive... After such a busy month, I am quite ready for a break! (And I just realized that I haven't even started working on Christmas presents yet... Heh.)

In any case, I'm very very glad I did it... And I'm also glad that it's over!

Have a lovely last day of November, everyone!

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