Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

Today's worktable is being posted a little late, I realize. It's been rather busy day. A good day! Just also a busy day. 

As far as my worktable goes, I don't have much to show. This past week, I've had a bit of a creative crash. After finishing all of last week's projects, I've sort of hit a wall. Every time I go into my craft room, I just sit and stare at my beads. Or fall asleep.

I did start work on one thing, though...

...Yep. That's the beginning of a snake-themed tassel necklace. And it's going to be lovely--whenever I get the focus/energy/motivation to finish it!

Instead of forcing myself to be creative, though, I've decided to give myself a chance to recharge. And that means that today I went to the Aquarium again. Ahh--it's definitely nice to be an annual passholder!

The tank that welcomes you when you first enter the Aquarium.

I went with two of my friends, and we laughed and took our time and enjoyed ourselves. It was a lovely time. 

And, since I don't have many pictures of beady things to share right now, I figured I'd share some of the photos I took while out and about today.

This turtle was posing for the camera.

I was getting glared at by a Mugger Crocodile.

Incredibly up close and personal with an 800-pound, 14 foot long American Alligator.

Oh, look, it's sharks and a sea turtle.

Dramatically lit shark is dramatically lit.

Little hammerhead shark swimming above me in the shark tunnel.

...Oh, and we also went to a real brick-and-mortar bookstore:

...where I had a run-in with a Stormtrooper:

Yep, he definitely had me in his sights.
Luckily for me, Stormtroopers aren't known for their accuracy. ;)

...All in all, it was a very good day. Not a very bead-productive day, but a lovely time being out and about with friends. Now, hopefully, I can return to my craft table and get ready for Friday's Monthly Challenge reveal.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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