Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello, September!

Looking back, I can confidentially say that August was a good month. 

It was a month of vacation coupled with extreme productivity. I learned quite a bit (how to Zentangle and make paper beads), I spent time with wonderful people (yay family!), I managed to relax (not an easy feat for me), and I accomplished many beading projects (four major reveals--woo!). 

And that's not all. Just this last week, I was able to get quite a bit more done. For example...


Is that a fringe I see?

Became this:

Why, yes, it is a fringe! In fact, it's bells and pearls and crystals and glass, paired with a handmade lampwork focal by Glassy Fields.

Close-up of the focal.


Became this:

I made so many mistakes in this tangle, but you can't even tell. Woo!

And this:

Why, yes, that is a sentimental piece of twine.
Why do you ask?

Became this:

Bright and bold bracelet--all strung on said sentimental piece of twine.

...And now it's September.

The beginning of Autumn is just around the corner--the shadows are already getting longer, the edges of the leaves are starting to turn gold. Autumn is always a time of change... And we'll have to see what changes this month might have in store. 

August was a good month... Here's to hoping that September is, too!

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