Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - May Edition

So, I've been thinking... 

Recently, my monthly challenges have involved making lots and lots of things. I've used pearls and boxes of beads, I've made bracelets... Simply put, I've been super productive. 

And, while I really enjoy making lots and lots of things, I think I need a bit of a break.

For May's challenge, then, I'm going to do something simpler--but no less awesome. You see, I recently joined a Facebook group where you can bid and buy handmade lampwork beads... And I was able to buy a set made by Julsbeads, one of my favorite artists ever.

Just look at these!

This is not my photo!
Instead, this is courtesy of Juls herself, taken from the online listing.
...I forgot to take a picture before I started creating with them. *grin*

Aren't they gorgeous?!

My May challenge, then, is simply going to be to make something with them... because they are awesome and lovely, and need my full attention. (And because they are mine, all mine, my precious! Er, ahem, because I like them. *grin*)

So, if you want to see what I make with this lovely set, come back on Friday, May 29th! 

...I hear that there might even be a giveaway on that day, too! It will likely not one of these beads (because I will be loathe to part with any of them), but it will be awesome nonetheless!


And, speaking of giveaways, there are a few more days to enter my most recent one! Go here for details!

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