Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - April Edition

So, did you think I had forgotten about my April Challenge?


...I just haven't gotten a chance to blog about it yet. 

April has been a busy creative month so far... I've been focusing on making wedding jewelry prototypes for a friend, finishing up the pieces for the Artisan Component Marketplace Kit Challenge, working on my Bead Peeps Swap N' Hop offerings for next month, and catching up on a backlog of projects that I've started but not finished.

And I've also developed a new obsession... An obsession that, not surprisingly, corresponds with my challenge this month.

What is this obsession? In a word: PEARLS.

What does over $200 worth of pearls look like?

At the beginning of the month, one of my favorite bead supply websites had a major pearl sale.  And it was a serious sale. A $20-strand-of pearls-on-sale-for-$1.50 kind of sale.

...I may have gone a little nuts. 

Overall, I was able to get over $200 worth of pearls--and a few other things, like some strands of amethyst and red aventurine--for $36. 

(Sidenote: And they are still having a pearl sale. I want ALL THE PEARLS. ...Seriously, if anyone wants to randomly send me money for pearls, I doubt I'd turn it down. Because I'm obsessed and pearls are awesome.)


Above is a picture of some of the pearls I purchased. They are top-drilled baroque pearls in shades of mauve, peach, and white. 

My challenge? To make something with them.

Why is that a challenge, you might ask?

Simply because I have never used anything like them. In fact, I hardly knew what baroque pearls were before this sale. So, I thought it would be fun to play around with them--and, at $1.00 (originally priced $12.50), I couldn't pass them up.

Pearls come in such lovely colors...
From the top: dusty rose, mystic blue, blue iris, lavender, spruce,
golden olive, thyme, multi-colored, mauve/peach, and white.

Depending on how the rest of April goes, I may tackle some of the other pearls, too... I have some big plans for the multi-colored strands. And one of the dusty rose strands. And all of the pearls, bwhahahahaha... Ahem. I keep getting carried away.

I usually set my reveals for the last Friday of the month, but this month I'm going to have it on the last Thursday... So, come back on April 30th to see what I make!

Yay pearls!

...And yay for creative obsessions and inspirations that keep life exciting and fun!

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