Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - March Edition

This month's challenge: make something that doesn't involve wire-wrapped links!

...No, really. You might think I'm joking, but that's actually part of it. I've been in a bit of a wire-wrapped-link rut recently (which, granted, isn't a horrible thing), and I thought I'd shake it up a bit.

So! My Jenny Monthly Challenge for March is to teach myself a new technique that I've never tried before.

Ooooo, the possibilities!

What technique, you ask?

Well, I have one in mind... But I'm not going to share it here just yet--partially to keep you curious, and partially to give myself permission to pick something else in case I fail horribly. 

Above are the beads that I've picked out to play with. Granted, they won't all be going in the same final pieces... Instead, they'll just provide pretty options for my experimentations. 
From top to bottom, you have:
Red Agate
Pink Lepidolite
Blue Iris Czech Glass

My reveal will be on Friday, March 27th... If you stop by then, you'll get to see what technique I've taught myself--and whether or not I've successfully stayed away from wire-wrapped links!

Happy March, everyone!

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