Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello, February! ...And Hello, February's Monthly Challenge!

It's nine days into this month already? Oi. 

Honestly, I feel like I'm living in some sort of time vortex... time is passing so quickly, but it doesn't feel like it. I suppose I better be careful--if I blink, I might skip ahead to next year!

Ah well. Life continues to be quite lovely. Busy, but lovely. And (as one might guess from the title of this entry), one of the things that has me occupied is my monthly challenge. 

February's challenge described in one word... COLOR!

More specifically, these colors:

Unpacking and organizing my craft room has been quite delightful, because I've been coming across all sorts of treasures that I haven't used in awhile. For example, I came across this box of glass beads, which I have had an exceptionally long time. These beads are bright and colorful and happy, and yet I hardly ever use them.

So, this month, I'd like that to change.

My challenge? To make as many pieces as I can using this box of beads.

I've already made one piece, and I've started on a second... I actually have plans for at least two more, so we'll see what I end up accomplishing. I'm sure that whatever I end up doing, it should be fun! 

The reveal will be Friday, February 27th... stop by then to see what I make! And, until then, I hope you have a wonderful February!

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