Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meet My Bead Soup Partner!


The Bead Soup partners have been announced! I've gotten in contact with mine, and she's simply lovely!

Let me introduce: Keri Lee Sereika of Pink Lemonade!

She makes beautiful things--in all different formats, ranging from papercraft to metalwork, and pretty much everything in between. Here are a few examples of her jewelry work, all featured on her blog:

She made this for the Thrift Store Blog Hop
Photo courtesy of Pink Lemonade

She made this for the Bead Soup Blog Party #6
Photo courtesy of Pink Lemonade

She made these using her own enameled beads
Photo courtesy of Pink Lemonade

...And she made this for the Echo Creative Club in July 2012
Photo courtesy of Pink Lemonade

Simply lovely! 

She also has a Facebook page, with additional updates on cool things she's working on.

I'm thrilled to have such a talented and delightful partner, and I am so excited to see what soup she sends me! Hurray!

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