Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello, March!

February was actually a very good month. 

Looking back over everything that has happened in the last 28 days, I am grateful...

...for sunshine! After all the snow and winter weather, sunshine is a wonderful wonderful treat.

...for a friend who lets me hang out at her place when my water is turned off for maintenance purposes--and she even feeds me cookies!

...for modern dentistry, for those times when I randomly drop my phone on my face and chip my tooth.

...for adventures! While waiting to go to the dentist, I chilled out at Panera and did some writing. For five hours.

...for chocolate! (and beads!)

...for having the desire to write again (and doodle, too!).

...for yummy treats (this is an adult milkshake, being modeled in front of my friend's awesome fridge).

...and for living in a place that looks lovely, even when it snows (it makes me think of Narnia).

Thank you, February, for being a nice month... and, now, to see what March holds!

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