Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bead Soup - What I Sent to My Partner

Well, you've seen what my Bead Soup partner sent to me... Now it's time for you to see what I sent her!

Yesterday, I posted this sneak peak picture:

...Here's what that picture actually shows!


The focal and clasp are both handmade by CC Designs, and everything else is a mix of copper, glass, ceramic, and crystal.

...But, wait, there's more!

With its etched metal focal and clasp, I realized that mix is actually not too far from what my partner usually works with--she is a very talented metalworker, after all. But it was just too happy not to send it.

So, I went with a rather simple solution: just send an additional soup!

Ta-da! ...Take 2.

This soup has a dichroic glass focal... You can't quite see it in the picture above, but it has a wonderful shimmering mix of teal and black and royal blue. So, those are the colors that I decided to pair with it! The other components are glass, silver-plated metal, crystal, or lampwork.

So, those are the two soups that I sent to my partner!

I had soooo much fun putting them together, and it made me so happy to send her both of them! I'm really excited to see what she makes! ...I just have to wait until the reveal on May 3rd to find out.

Let the creating begin!

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