Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It's probably no surprise that most people on my gift list get handmade jewelry whenever there is need for a present. In fact, it's always a bit of a surprise when I don't give jewelry. Yet, it does happen!

For example, for my sister's past birthday, I decided to make her some pillows.

Why pillows, you ask?

Because: octopus fabric!!

Yes, she loves cephalopods.

And, also, because she recently moved--and is now a homeowner! And what better way to celebrate a new house than with new pillows? ;)

Ultimately, I made two pillows... one with an orange octopus front and a blue back, and one with a blue octopus front and an orange back. 

All sewn up.

Ready to be stuffed.

I mailed them to her super late--but at least they got there before Christmas!

And, here they are--ensconced in their new home!

...They are even cat-approved! 

...This is my pillow.
Silly, you probably thought they were yours.

Birthday present... housewarming present... Mailed straight to her new house, so that she didn't have to pack them... Overall, I think it worked out well.

Hurray for octopillows!

...And now, it's time to finish all of the Christmas presents! ;)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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