Friday, November 8, 2013

This is for Those Steampunk-Lovers Amongst You...

So! Here is something exciting for your morning, if you happen to like Steampunk...

Well, besides gears...

Yesterday, I was contacted to let me know that my Inventor's Workshop necklace would be being featured on a blog this morning. 

What blog?

It's an Etsy Finds blog dedicated to finding steampunky things.... And, if you like such things, it's really really cool. She posts daily--treasuries or cosplay pictures or kickstarters or whatever else she thinks fits the aesthetic. In fact, there's so much neat stuff on there that I'm honored that she chose to highlight my necklace! (Well, that, and I've loved her work for quite some time--she has a really cool Etsy store where she sells lovely tatting.)

And here's the necklace!

So, having my necklace on that treasury has certainly made my day. I'm so inspired, that I want to go create more lovely things! (Well, after I finish everything I'm supposed to do this morning. Unfortunately, the world does not stop while doing NaNo. Ah well. *smirk*)

Thanks so much for letting me share... I hope everyone is enjoying this Friday!

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