Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am Thankful...

...for the turn of the seasons--from the shades of Autumn to Tuesday's snow

...for my husband, and special bead trip stores (picture taken at World of Beads)

...for my best friend, and the chance to put up her Christmas tree (with help from her cat)

...for an early Thanksgiving feast this past Sunday, shared with dear friends (laughter and food and egg nog--wonderful!)

...for times spent with fellow writers

...for finally finding emerald-colored beads for a custom order

...for silly happy geeky crafts, in this case making earrings that resemble the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver (from Doctor Who)

...for stories that spread our imaginations and remind us to keep exploring

...for playing with Christmas beads

...and for having light, even when the electricity goes out.

...My heart is full to overflowing--I am so unspeakably, so unimaginably, so unequivocally blessed!

Wishing everyone in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow... and, for those not in the U.S., may the rest of your week also be filled with love and light and happy things! :)

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