Thursday, May 16, 2013

In Which I Turn into a Squealing Fangirl - Part 1

As I've gotten more involved in the beading community, I have been trying--as funds allow--to buy some handmade components to go in my creations. After all, there are so many incredibly talented artists out there!

And, well, yeah...  The inevitable has happened.

I've turned into a squealing fangirl.

In my defense, though--these artists are just so cool. And I want to share their coolness!

For example, just look at these:


All lamp-worked beads, made individually by hand by the amazingly talented Juls over at Julsbeads (and her shop is here).  I am in awe of the shiny things that she creates...  She makes the glass sing. 

(And, on a sidenote, not only is she insanely talented with glass, but she also has a wonderful way with words--it is pleasant and whimsical, and often reminds me just how blessed I really am.)

With so much love and hard work that goes into these beads, who can blame me for liking them so much?

So, yes, the beads I bought.  

First up: the focal bead.  

It's called a Serenity Stone, and is described as a "small something to carry in [your] pocket to serve as a touchstone of faith, a reminder to live in the positive and focus on the moment."  That is already something that I try to do anyway a regular basis, so it's cool to have a physical reminder--something that was made specifically for that purpose.

But, that's not all I got!

Next up, the purple ribbed glass beads:

Then, the "Cape Cod" beads...

And, last but not least, the beach-colored beads:

And here is everything together!

I had originally planned to string the focal on a simple piece of cord and keep it in my pocket, while I made the rest into hairsticks.

But now I'm thinking I might use them to make a necklace and matching earrings and keep them for myself... because they're mine, all mine, mwahahahaha!


*clears throat*

Well, let's just say I'm undecided.

...And when I do finally decide what to make, rest assured that I will be sure to post pictures of it here!

So, there you go.  My first--but definitely not last--foray into squealing fangirl-ness.  I have at least two more artists I want to burble about, and I'm sure there will be more down the line.  

The world is full of talented, wonderful people...  And I am so blessed to meet some of them!  :D


And, for those interested in such things--no, Juls did not pay me or bribe me to write this entry.  Not in the slightest.  I'm just really, really excited about the lovely things that she makes, and when I get really excited I like to share.

After all, this blog is, in part, my chronicle of happy things...  And, to me, these beads are really happy things!  :D


  1. You are just precious. I am so glad you like the beads. I couldn't resist including the ivory just in case you decided to pair them with your serenity stone. I look forward to seeing what you create.

    Much love,

    1. Oh, I love them! (Heh, you probably already guessed that...) I actually did a dance when I opened the package. Thank you so, so much!

  2. I love Juls' work, too, so I completely share the "squeee!!!" reaction you had. Her work is lovely, her writing is a bright spot in the day, and you can't help but love anything you make with her beads. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    1. Yay, someone to share in the "squeeee!!" :D

      I keep thinking that I'm overreacting, and then I look at the beads and get giddy again. There is nothing quite like holding such beautiful things, made with such love and attention.

      Thank you so much for commenting--it was a bright point in my day!


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