Friday, May 17, 2013

Cue the Manic Laughter...

My creative impulses, apparently, know no bounds.

Not even hardware stores are safe!

...Besides, I like hex-nuts now.  Hex-nuts are cool.*

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I turned them into a hairstick...

After all of my hard work on the Evensong's Heir pieces, it seems that my current creating projects are now whimsical, simple, or loaded with copious amounts of either acrylic or vintage lucite beads.**

Like this hairpin.  

Or the ladybugs that I plan to post to my store next week.  

Or the planned revamping of the Lady of the Noble Court series (more colors!).

It certainly seems like my creative brain doesn't like to sit still!


And now, for more glamour shots!

Hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward to the weekend!


* - Why, yes, that is a Doctor Who reference.  Thanks for noticing! :)

** - Of course, there are exceptions--like the set that I made last night with some of the lamp-work beads I posted about yesterday.  Oh, and the custom necklace I'm working on... But, mostly, bring on the whimsy!

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