Monday, April 25, 2011

Grey and Green and Purple

It's wet and drippy outside...  We have gotten so much rain over the last few days, that the earth hasn't been able to fully absorb it all.

Yet, the lilac bush in the backyard doesn't seem to mind...  When I went outside this morning, it was bursting with color even as rain dripped from its leaves.  The contrast of the green and the grey and the purple was so lovely--so quintessentially Spring--that I had to take pictures.


I also took pictures of the sky--grey on grey.  It was only when I uploaded the below picture, that I noticed the bird in the top right corner...

And I also took a picture of Tolkien, who enjoyed rubbing on my legs while I took pictures... 

Even though it is soggy and drippy and the sky is grey, I still count this as a beautiful morning!

Friday, April 8, 2011

He's back...

There is a lilac bush right outside my bedroom window.  I know that I've mentioned this before...  I can look through this window as I sit at my desk.

There is a pair of cardinals, male and female, who have claimed this particular bush as their own.  And hardly a day goes by when they don't show up, and stare at me.

Yep, stare at me.

I have the feeling that I'm being watched...

Look at him, he's trying to be sneaky.

He stayed in this one spot for quite some time--
long enough for me to get a few pictures!  This was the best.

Honestly, I've come to enjoy their visits.  I look forward to when it is nesting time--they had a nest of little ones last year, and I'm ready with my new camera for their nest this year!

It's the little things in life that make me smile.

Beauty of Stories

I love writing stories.

Unfortunately, I've been going through a dry spell recently.  Trying to write has been like trying to pull teeth without the proper tools--not very pleasant.  I stare at the empty page, and I'm more likely to doodle than come up with words.

Don't believe me?  Look at this:

Egads!  That is a lot of swirlies.

Yes, indeed, that is a page of my Idea Notebook, dated to last week.  When I opened up the journal, I had planned on writing.  Instead, I spent about an hour doodling.  The final result?  A lot of purple swirlies, and not a single story idea.

My masterpiece, purple ballpoint
pen on notebook paper.

Yet another close-up.

That is an extreme example, but the point is still valid: I have not been writing a lot recently.

So, imagine my pure and utter delight when I came up with not one, but three, stories today.  Three!  And they all tie into Landus Fantasticus, meaning that they will add another layer to my novel.  And not only that, I was able to upload them, and share them through my Etsy store.

My store really has become a labor of love.  Yes, I enjoy making the jewelry and the hairsticks that I post--and I'm delighted to share them with people.  But I am also thrilled to share my stories...  the beautiful snippets that tantalize and beckon.  As someone who is striving to finish this novel and be published, it is such a joy to be able to share!

Here are the three stories that I created today...

Avennyth, the Red Dragon - Hairstick

To meet Avennyth, the Red Dragon, go here

Desert Silver - Earrings

Desert Silver - Mini Hairsticks

To read the legend of Desert Silver, go here

Sceptre of Amyst - Hairsticks

To read the story of the Sceptre of Amyst, go here.

Oh, what a delight to write some stories!

Friday, April 1, 2011

More Treasuries!

There are so many lovely treasuries on Etsy--and I'm excited to say that I have been featured in a few of them!  (Click on the pictures to see them bigger.)