Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three Rogues

This has been a long time coming.

Today, I posted on my store a set of hairsticks that I made more than two years ago.  I made them for myself, but I have never worn them.  I present: the Three Rogues.

Oooooo, and a closeup:

Have I mentioned that I love taking pictures in the morning, when the light is just so?  *contented sigh*

Anyway, the design is one of the first ones that I ever came up with; I am still pleased with it.  I remember feeling so clever when I made sticks using all of the possible color combinations (yes, I was new to making hairsticks, but I was still enthusiastic).  

I also remember that I had a lot of trouble learning the properties of the glue I was using...  I had never used something before that bonded so quickly.  This happened to me more than once:

Yes, that is one of the dice beads stuck to my finger.  *grumble grumble*  It's a rather blurry picture, but I think it still does a good job conveying what happened.  My husband still hasn't let me live that down...  He always tells me that I have to be perfectly awake when I glue my hairsticks, or I will end up with my fingers glued to my forehead.  (And he's probably right...)

So!  This is a special pair of hairsticks.  I am pleased to be able to post them (to match the earrings and necklace I already had listed)...  I would much rather they be put to use and loved by someone else, then sitting lonely in my hairstick box.

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