Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture Project

I have been working on taking new pictures for some of the older items on my shop.  Both my lighting and my skill has improved, and I really want my photos to reflect that.  

(Of course, this also gives an excuse for me to take more pictures.  Apparently, I am addicted to my camera, and this gives me something productive to do.)

Here are the items that I updated today...

Armistarn - Necklace

Circles within Circles - Earrings

Purplemoon and Starlight - Necklace
This is not the first time that I have taken new pictures of this particular necklace...  It is so beautiful, and yet so hard to capture!

Royal Pink - Necklace in Gold

For more shots of these lovely items, visit the listings!  Look, I'll even give you the links.  Enjoy!

Armistarn - Necklace:
Circles within Circles - Earrings:
Purplemoon and Starlight - Necklace:
Royal Pink - Necklace in Gold:

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