Monday, August 30, 2010

Picture Project - Update 5

I have been updating pictures all morning...  Here is a sampling of my day's progress!

Phoenix in the Night - Earrings

Blackdew - Necklace

Ocean Dreaming - Earrings

Inkflower - Earrings

Red and Copper, Crest of Perelin - Earrings

Clear Water - Earrings

I also tried to lighten some of my current pictures.*  Since I haven't been able to take new pictures of everything yet, I was hoping to make the current pictures as bit more appealing in the meantime.  By working with the light-levels, I was able to take this:

Ocean Dreaming - Necklace

...and lighten it into this:

Ocean Dreaming - Necklace

Still not perfect, but still much better than it was!  

* - I don't actually doctor my photos in any way other than lightening them as needed--I want to make sure that my pictures are as true to life as possible.  I just wanted to let that be known!

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