Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ki's Inheritance - A Second Look

One of first necklaces that I made for my store was called Ki's Inheritance.  It was one of my personal favorites.  This is what it looked like:

Forward ahead a few months, to today.  I just posted Ki's Inheritance - Necklace 2:

There are some very obvious differences between the two (the second one, for example, is much darker).  Yet they both have a beautiful flower-burst pattern, and are both simultaneously light-weight and sturdy.  And so, they both are attached to the same story (which, incidentally, is also one of my favorites).

I am very happy to be able to once more represent Ki's story on my store.  


Just for fun, here is the entry description for the second necklace (copied directly from my store):

Item Number: 19 PK 19:08
Object: Necklace
Category: Personal – Jewelry
Material: Oxidized silver, rubber cord
Weight: Approximately 1 ounce
Length: 18” cord with 2” chain extender, 2” pendant

Artifact Analysis:
There once was a young orphan. Her name was Ki… or, at least, that was what everyone called her. She had been found by a farmer and his wife, alone and cold. They never quite told her where they had found her, but they did tell her that she a necklace wrapped around her wrist. (It had been placed there thoughtfully; it was not around her neck, lest she unwittingly choke herself.)

As she grew, she treasured that necklace. It was, after all, the only thing that was hers. It was a simple pendant—a silver circle filled with stylistic flowers—hanging from a black cord. The silver grew darker with age, the black cord became loved and worn. Her adopted parents never told her to take it off, or made fun of it when it needed to be repaired again. In fact, they were loving and kind and she never wanted for anything. Anything, except to know why she had been orphaned.

Then, one day she got lost while running an errand for her adopted mother. Trying to get back on the road, she found something that she could not help but explore: ruins. It was a beautiful castle all but covered with creeping vines, the land trying to reclaim it. Yet as she walked through its halls, what drew her attention the most was the Great Seal. It was etched on every wall, larger than life and beautiful. It was an emblem of a circle filled with stylistic flowers.

The design etched onto the pendant of her necklace.

In that moment, the disparate parts of her life came together. When she once more found her way home, the farmer and his wife confirmed what she now knew—she was the daughter of the Lost King. Before they disappeared, her parents had charged the farmer and his wife with her well-being. The necklace was left to her by her mother, wrapped around her wrist so that she would one day reclaim her inheritance.

The pendant of this necklace resembles the symbol of Ki’s inheritance. Surprisingly light, it is both delicate and striking—enough to make the wearer feel like a princess in disguise.

Cataloger’s Notes:
Please note that most stories told here—unless otherwise stated—are my original ideas. They are part of a larger work that I am writing and planning on publishing. As such, I would appreciate that they be treated as just that—my intellectual property. Stories that are completely not of my creation will be designated with an item number of BU (Borrowed Universe). I greatly appreciate your cooperation!

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